CONSULTANCY DELL’AMORE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a Nigerian company registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with focus on consultancy in power, security oil & gas.


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Solar power

CONSULTANCY DELL'AMORE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED: is committed to bring Solar Technologies into the mainstream of everyday living, as demonstrated through our accomplishments. We represent manufactures, sales, service and installation of solar electricity systems for Industries and Government. We are cost conscious and constantly looking for the most affordable solutions more adapted to the condition of the people living in remote areas and are deprived of the basic day to day necessities, bringing new technology to the marketplace in Nigeria.

wind energy

CONSULTANCY DELL'AMORE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED: initiates wind farm projects, acquires site locations, organizes all technical and business planning, we also arrange international bank financing and deliver turnkey wind farms. In addition to managing our own projects developed after commissioning, we take on the commercial and technical management of projects on behalf of international operators and local clients.


CONSULTANCY DELL'AMORE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED: Has capacity in the area of Biomass as part of our overall energy mix. We use waste from different sources to produce bio fuels and deploy appropriately.

Hydro power

CONSULTANCY DELL'AMORE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED: Is partnering with industry players in the area of Hydro power generation. We have identified that small hydro power projects can play a critical role in improving the overall energy scenario of the country and in particular for remote and inaccessible areas.

dynamic oil and gas

CONSULTANCY DELL'AMORE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED: Is adequately active in the oil and gas sector, with far reaching network around the world. We are consultants in Logistics and Supply Chain, we offer specialist services in bulk supply of petroleum products such as AGO (diesel), PMS (petrol), DPK (kerosene) and Lubricants. Our services have extensive coverage within the country, with direct access to both NNPC and Private Oil Depots.


international connections has the capacity to arrange finance for the private sector and government. The financing team arranges structured funding for projects. We can come in at any stage of a project and bring our experience to bear in trying to get the project to a logical conclusion.